How much is billboard advertising? Is it a worthwhile choice for your business? You might be wondering about the benefits of billboards vs. online advertising. Both forms of out-of-home (OOH) advertising can be excellent for brand awareness and attracting customers. But determining which is the best option for your situation can take some time.

Here’s an overview of billboard advertising’s average costs and some of the differences between digital and standard billboards.

The Cost of Standard Billboards vs. Digital Marketing

If you ask the question “how much is billboard advertising,” you’re not going to end up with one answer as the cost will depend on several factors, including

  • Whether you choose billboards vs. online advertising.
  • Where you lease that billboard
  • How long you lease it for
  • Whether you use your own design team
  • The types of materials used ( we offer paper, vinyl, coroplast, or Dibond)
  • Lighting or other special features

One important thing to note is that size does not always dictate the cost. The typical size for BC billboards in the interior is 10h x 20w, but a few are 8 x 14, 10 x 11, and 10 x 24.

It’s also important to know that the average property price will be related to the fee — billboards placed in popular urban centers will automatically cost more than those in rural areas.

A small business with a small budget and a company that would likely attract drivers, for instance, could do well starting with a small billboard just outside of town.

The best type of billboard for you will depend on your budget, industry, and preferences. If you need to reach a market in BC, we can help you understand options and pricing.

How much is billboard advertising per impression?

An average monthly cost of a billboard might look something like this:

  • Digital billboard – $2,500 and up
  • Larger size standard billboard – $450 and up
  • Smaller size standard billboard – $350 and up

If you consider the average amount of impressions or views a billboard ad can get versus the expense, there’s a pretty high potential for ROI, so long as the ad is high quality and relevant to your traffic base.

Consider this scenario for a smaller scale ad just outside of a small city, for example, Prince George, BC. You’ve chosen to put up a small ad which costs around $450 / month to maintain. If about 10,570 cars drive highway 16W per day, that equals over 300,000 impressions per month.

When considering that you might spend thousands of dollars per month to run a TV ad that might bring you 100 000 views or spend hundreds of person-hour dollars per month running a digital marketing campaign, you can guess that an outdoor ad could easily reach more people per dollar.

Standard billboards vs. online advertising: what to choose?

As a general rule of thumb, larger companies should have a larger ad budget and therefore put a little more money into creating an outdoor ad campaign that is innovative and dynamic.

But even if you’re a mid-size business with a relatively high budget for digital advertising, you might want to consider a digital billboard in a relevant high-traffic area. Simultaneously, the money you spend on a digital billboard may be better spent paying a monthly fee to a digital marketing strategist who can work closely with you and track conversions on an ongoing basis.

It’s difficult to track the exact ROI of billboards, but creating a diversified marketing campaign that includes follow-up (e.g., asking, “how did you hear about us”) is an excellent way to understand how well your billboard is doing.

There are also ways to incorporate digital billboards and other social marketing strategies. For instance, asking for social media users to follow your social media pages.

Discover the Benefits of Billboard Advertising

BC business owners looking for a new campaign strategy should consider the flexibility in pricing and format for billboards.

Most businesses will benefit so long as they make the right decisions, such as whether to use billboards vs. online advertising.

Whether you choose digital or traditional out of home media, we’re here to help you develop your next ad campaign. Flexible leasing terms and ongoing maintenance services make for an easy and hands-off experience.

If you want to learn more about the cost of billboard advertising, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us for a quote.

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