Have you considered using digital billboards as a part of your next ad campaign?

Statista estimates that ad spending on DOOH will increase from 6.7 billion U.S dollars in 2019 to 15.9 billion in 2027.

Digital Out of Home Advertising (DOOH) is clearly growing in popularity, and you don’t want to be left behind your competition.

Read on as we break down the benefits and advantages of incorporating digital billboards into your marketing campaigns.

What are digital billboards?

DOOH advertising uses LED or digital signs to offer a dynamic display, whereas traditional OOH consists of static images, like a standard highway billboard.

Both can be extremely effective ways to advertise in areas with even moderate volumes of traffic, and both are cost-effective when ROI is considered.

Traditional ads are fixed, but with DOOOH there’s the potential for dynamic elements — animation as well as multiple ads making it a more eye-catching and interactive option.

Digital billboards offer plenty of benefits — here are just a few.

Digital Billboards Can Take Advantage of Creative Locations

But where traditional billboards tend to be most common on the side of the highway, digital billboards have more potential to attract foot traffic in areas like:

  • Airports
  • Bus stations
  • Event spaces
  • City centers
  • Shopping malls

While both static and digital ads can be effective outdoor advertising methods, the dynamic nature of digital ads offers a little more when it comes to location.

If your ad is at eye level, you can use your location to enhance brand presence, specifically for foot traffic in areas where people are already iterating with digital screens.

In addition, digital ad campaigns may offer more in the way of tracking, measuring, and targeting for audiences.

Digital Billboards are Flexible

With a digital billboard, it’s easy to change your ad as often as you want or to have more than one ad in the same place.

You’ll also have the option of using a broader variety of creative mediums to help catch your audience’s eye, from simple 3/d logos to animation and more.

The animated nature of digital billboards helps to captivate audiences of all ages.

DOOH is Bright and Dynamic

Recall the neon signs of the 1950s, and how a simple flashing sign stood out amongst the rest. Digital billboards have that “flashy” effect, where they are bound to simply draw attention against a background of static images.

Think of the tired traveller who is on foot in an airport or bus depot. Maybe they’re waiting or trying to find something.

Chances are they want something to look at, something which can:

  • Help pass the time
  • Entertainment
  • Point in the right direction
  • Offer information on transit times
  • Direct to a nearby shop or cafe
  • Offer free wifi

In terms of reach and market base, digital billboards have strong potential for a higher number of impressions. This depends, of course, on whether the ad is placed in a strategic location for your product.

Connect Your Audience to a Point of Sale

Using an ad in a strategic location could point them towards useful goods or services in a real-time setting, capturing them in the moment and directing them immediately to a certain location.

Depending on what local triggers are in place and where the audience is headed, as well as what they are doing, digital ads have the potential to be more interactive than their static counterparts.

Highway drivers are often already heading somewhere when they pass a sign, however, mall shoppers are more likely to be “browsing” and open to trying something new nearby.

The Smartphone Connection

The interactivity of digital ads is partially due to the fact that people are using their smartphones to search and shop more often than ever. Smart advertisers may incorporate data capture into digital campaigns.

Digital Billboards Offer a High ROI

Digital billboards are much cheaper than traditional TV ads but offer a similar effect. The viewer doesn’t have the option of turning it off or muting it.

DOOH tends to be more expensive than static billboards — this shouldn’t come as a surprise. But when you consider all they can do for you — how far they can reach, the creative possibilities, the location options — they have the potential to offer a significant ROI.

This will depend on your product, target demographic, and how long you want the ad up for, just to name a few factors behind the cost.

What’s your marketing goal?

Both static and digital OOH offer plenty of benefits, and your choice will depend on your overall goals, priorities, and preferences.

We’re happy to get you started. Explore your options and find the best fit for your business.

Digital billboards might just be the perfect advertising tool for your next multimedia campaign.

To learn more about what we have on offer, drop us a note or give us a call!

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